Over the last few years, PRISMA CYLINDERS ENGRAVING S.A. has been constantly evolving by investing in machinery of the latest technology including copperand chrome-plating and in cylinder engraving. This is in addition to other investments to maximize product quality ie:

  • The Construction of a new plant to optimize production, minimizing down-time, and generating conditions more conducive to the best quality control of the produced cylinders;
  • Installation of state-of-the-art air conditioning  to ensure stable  & controlled environment
  • The installation of automatic doors ensures that production is carried out in a closed, dust- and insect-free environment;
  • Construction of a warehouse, allowing for the safekeeping of a large stock of cylinders so that clients’ needs can be immediately accommodated.
  • Constant upgrading of new electronic hardware and software, putting PRISMA in the position of being able to promptly & effectively respond to clients’ needs.

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