PRISMA CYLINDERS ENGRAVING S.A. was founded in 1980 in Athens, initially to serve the conversion industry with chemically engraved rotogravure cylinders.

Further investment in 1983, saw the adoption an electronic engraving system for rotogravure cylinders.

By 1994, the business had grown significantly and the owners purchased a new, more spacious, (10,000 m3) facility in the Komotini Industrial Area.

In 2007, the new owners of the company, the Argyropoulos family, with a view to greater penetration of the European market, heavily invested in revamping the whole facility, making it one of the most highly advanced companies for electronic engraving of rotogravure cylinders in all of south-eastern Europe.

Recently the company has been awarded the ISO 9001/2008 standard for Quality Management Systems.

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